Empathic training for Horse and Rider. Specialising in Biomechanics, Horsemanship , Ridermanship , Partnership, Confidence building, Groundwork, Dressage etc. Build Harmony and understanding with your horse.


    Train in a way that inspires your horse and makes them feel proud of their achievements.


    I'm passionate about improving the understanding and harmony between horse and rider . I use an empathetic approach to increase harmony and decrease tension and frustration.


    I treat every person and horse individually as there is only one of you! Everyone is on their own unique journey.


    Maybe you lack confidence because a previous instructor made you feel silly or stupid or you are nervous handling or riding your horse. If so I may be the trainer you are looking for.


    I promise my support and knowledge whatever your experience or

level - after all there is always something new to learn with horses !

         I`ve competed in Dressage , Eventing ,  Showing & Trec.                                                                                      

    I am an accredited Enlightened Equitation (Heather Moffett) teacher and I have studied with Kelly Marks (Intelligent Horsemanship) and Mary Wanless (Ride With Your Mind). I also have over 30 years of training and working with horses!


     Enlightened Equitation teacher ( Heather Moffett )                                  

     Ride with your mind teacher training including advanced (Mary Wanless)


     UKCC Level 2


     Franklin Method Equestrian Ball certified trainer

     Equine Psychology Diploma

                 Intelligent Horsemanship :

            Five day Foundation

            Feeding and Health

            Horse Psychology

            Handling Foals and Stud Practice


           Intelligent Horsemanship advanced courses:

              Untouched Horse

              Leading and Loading


   First aid - Equestrian specific.

   Safeguarding and protecting children.



            Feel free to call for more information !


Ridden Coaching

Specialising in Bio-Mechanics for

 horse and rider

Confidence building

groundwork exercises

In hand Lateral work

Behaviour Issues


Lazy/fizzy to ride

Hacking difficulties


Loading problems


Young Horses

Backing/starting youngsters

Lunging and long lining



Confidence building


Franklin Method Equestrian Ball

crooked horse

crooked rider

lateral work

in hand lateral work


Schooling / re-schooling



Saddle fit checks

Tack repairs

Horse and rider Biomechanics

 Understanding how to make small changes in the horse and rider can have a profound effect on harmony and ease of movement.

Here are some examples;

Hosepipe phobia

I have worked with many horses who would not go near a hosepipe, let alone be washed with one. After working with them all were happy to be hosed down.

Bad loaders / non-loaders

I have worked with horses who reared, bolted, planted or took many hours to load. Afterwards they were happily loading and sometimes went up the ramp quicker than the owner!

Hacking problems

Confidence building exercises and psychology to help horses (and their riders!) become braver out and about.

Clipper phobic horses

Clipper phobic horses can display various behaviours including pulling away, barging, biting, rearing, kicking or striking out. Before my training some required veterinary sedation to be clipped. I work by gaining the trust of the horse and reading their body language so that I only progress at a pace the horse is comfortable with.

Confidence building

Helping horses and riders of any ages!

Spooky / tense horses

Using psychology and other techniques I can help the owner build confidence in their horse.

Mounting block issues

It's important that horses stand still for mounting as not doing so can easily lead to accidents. One of the horses below had not stood still at the block in 4 years of ownership. The owner is still thrilled that she stands still everytime after 1 half an hour training session.

Young horses

I love working with youngsters to set them up for a positive future.

Farrier phobia / refusing to pick up legs

In extreme cases some horses were frightened on arrival of the farrier's van.  I work to gain the horses trust and can also attend the farrier's appointment to help transition the horse's trust from me to the farrier.

   Jo has been helping us with general groundwork techniques and longlining as my pony used to do anything to avoid going forward. What a difference now, she is so much more willing and cooperative and I'm running down the school after her when she trots or canters along :)

                                         Cathy , Coleshill

   My mare  hates water and wouldn't let me wash her with a hosepipe ... I wanted to be able to do this to be able to hose legs in winter, cool her down after exercise or hose an injury.

We are enjoying bath times this summer : )

thank you Jo you have made a massive difference to us both!!!

                                    Tracy , Sutton Coldfield

                                                                                                                                 Jo has been helping me with my youngster for about 8 months now. We have come on in leaps and bounds. Thank you Jo for being an excellent trainer.

                                          Becky , Aldridge

   My lessons are fun and relaxed but my horse and I always benefit from our sessions :)

                                           Susan, Lichfield


     From an awkward boy to hands free loading in just a couple of hours... Joanne Beach you are truly an equine genius!

After performing miracles on our sticky loader Jo has helped us give our anxious mare some real courage                                                                                                                                 Steff , Northampton

    Joanne broke my what I would call a difficult welsh section d in, I was ready to give up on this horse but I'm so glad I found Joanne. What a transformation in a year and I'm so glad I didn't give up. I am now looking at a horse I can actually see potential in and is now controllable and rideable. The ground work been done with this horse is truly enjoyable to watch and the fact it can be done on the yard you keep your horse at is even better, my horses saddle needed adjusting throughout this period she was being broken and Joanne even managed to to do this for me so it's just the whole package .

                                      Vicky , Sutton Coldfield

    You don't need to stress about anything with Joanne in your life! :) xx

                                         Liz, Tamworth.


    Jo you help me to understand Gabby better,  I know I've got a way to go !! Xxx

                                         Elaine , Sandwell

  It was impossible to handle my horse`s legs-He would stamp, pull backwards and generally refuse to cooperate. I spent an hour with Jo and now has an operating system installed and is amazing at having his legs and feet handled, Thank you Jo !

                                         Carolyne , Little Hay

   She has given me so much advice and confidence .                                                                                      Joanne , Cannock.

   Joanne Beach is such a knowledgeable and experienced horsewoman. I can't thank her enough for all her help over the years with my various horses and projects                               Tracy , Streetly


   Jo is very approachable and knows her stuff.                                                                                                     Tina , Stafford.


    My mare had NEVER stood still for me to get on in 4 years.... Jo sorted it in 15 minutes, My mare still stands everytime i get on 6months later. She`s going to sort her clipping phobia out for me too.

                                           Chloe , Aldridge

    Joanne has a lot of empathy for the horse and is always encouraging me in our lessons.

                                           Beverly , West bromwich

     If i've had a problem between lessons Jo will work on solving it in my next lesson.

                                         Jo , Sedgley

     Jo suggested a saddle for my mare as mine didn`t fit very well. It was a real game changer for both of us with the new ( 2nd hand ) saddle. Thanks Jo.

                                         Nikki , Tamworth.

                                                                                                                                     I usually feel i have achieved something-even if it was minor in the grand scheme of things. Jo is friendly, informative and focused during our lessons.

                                         Carolyne , Lichfield.

     Learning about turn on the forehand and stepping through under -all genious once you find the movement together. The feel and harmony with my horse - I`d never felt that before.

                                          Charlotte , Little Hay.

Contact details;

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